Channel Manager Tool

Our Channel Manager tool is a robust and innovative software solution for hoteliers and representation companies, providing quick, efficient real-time access to sales data (hotel inventory, rates, booking reports) in various sales distribution channels via single user-friendly interface.

Channel Management solution – what for?

  • Increase effectiveness of revenue management techniques without extra staff: monitor and update data all your sales channels in one extranet
  • View your reservations from various sale channels in one extranet
  • Keep rate parity throughout the channels
  • Manage you revenue throughout the channels
  • Boost sales from e-distribution channels

Why Top Ukrainain Hotels?

  • Over 750 international third party websites available (incl. local website)
  • XML two-way connectivity to select group of channels
  • View current inventory allocation and rates on multiple websites
  • Maintain rate / room type plans to reduce manual interference during updates
  • Update revised allocation and rates
  • Maintain inventory close in or far out
  • Maintain an update log to see where changes were made, when and by whom
  • View summarized reports to view entire inventory positions
  • The rules of each extranet are built in, so that you adhere to each site’s restrictions
  • View all your bookings from all websites in one system
  • Set alerts to ensure websites have sufficient allocations available

What are the Functional possibilities of our Channel Manager Tool ? Data update options :

  • By screen display:
    • Update by detail
    • Quick update
  • By rate type:
    • Sale rate
    • Extranet rate
  • By updated objects and channels:
    • By Websites and room types
    • By Generic Room types
  • By weight of updated data:
    • By each separate item
    • “Smartfill” update