GDS Connectivity and Respresentation

Within Top Ukrainian Hotels GDS representation services, your hotel has a choice of the following two packages:

Basic Connectivity Package

Basic Connectivity Package, based on representation under UZ GDS code (Utell Connect platform), provides a superior combination of fully integrated tools that increase your distribution opportunities and reduce operating expenses, freeing time for you to market and promote your hotel. A hotelier, having a basic GDS representation, is given a chance to select optional services to gain support in the strategic areas of business.

Full Representation Package

Full Representation Package based on representation under preferred UI GDS code (Utell Hotels & Resorts) in addition to connectivity provides your property with a vast global marketing and sales opportunities , including consulting on money-saving and revenue-generating techniques, making dedicated sales calls, developing marketing programs for travel agents, advising on rate strategy, and much more. Within the Full Representation Package you are given many optional services that allow to tailor existing technological and marketing solutions to your business needs!

Shared features of Basic Connectivity and Full Representation Packages

  • Distribution Services: GDS and Internet distribution, centralized inventory monitoring and control via online TWID solution for hotels, optional service for dedicated GDS representation monitoring
  • Business Performance Services: Channel, rate & revenue reporting
  • Support: Access to staff & management training programs, customer service support 24×7, 365 days a year
  • Financial services: commission monitoring and processing
  • Local marketing: marketing and sale techniques, used by a team of local marketing and online sale professionals (offices in Kiev, Odessa, Yalta, Sevastopol, Lviv, Kharkov) to increase flow of clients to TUH member hotels from different parts of the world including the CIZ zone)

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